Heart Rate Monitors

Oct 27th, 2014

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Heart Rate Monitors


KIMT News 3 – To show me how to best use this gadget, I’m turning to owner of Cutting Edge Fitness, Jason Laube.

First you have to put a band around your rib cage, and it syncs to the watch. The band is important, because the closer you can put a device to your heart, the better.

You can track pretty much whatever you want, it all depends on what range you should be in for your age, fitness level, and your overall goals.

Laube said, “Increased heart levels during the workout, their calorie burn is going to be shown on there, the intensity of how hard they’re pushing each level in terms of zones and where their heart was at.”

The watch we’re using is perfect for cross training, meaning you can use it for cardio or strength training.

“Your lifting sessions or if it’s a cardio session or if you’re doing intervals. You’ll have a track of where you need to be at and how to make your performance better based on that. “

After Jason gave me a little demo, I wanted to see if my heart was working hard enough during some intervals. During the  “slower period ” my heart rate was between 132 and 147. When it came down to the sprint I got up to about 160.

The monitor will also let you know when it’s time to get moving again, when your heart rate drops too low.

All in all, it’s a great way to keep yourself in check.

Laube said, “I like the fact that it can hold you accountable, it’s just one more guideline that you can have for your day in terms of tracking your calories burned tracking your heart on a daily basis.”